Step 1: Assess


Our in-depth evaluation for each member, which is the same one used for pro sports teams, identifies physical limitations and is used as a baseline for referencing progress. It includes body measurements, postural analysis, body fat, muscle testing, along with personal goals, current sports activities, and medical history (including past injuries and/or physical therapy). It is conducted by a Licensed Physical Therapist.

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Step 2: Personalize


A PHYtness 4U Personal Trainer will receive a personal fitness plan using the latest fitness techniques backed by proven sports medicine science.

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Step 3: Oversee


Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists (Mon-Fri) on the gym floor. We’ll guide members in specific exercises, and correct form during regular workouts.

Of course, those experienced gym savvy members can be left to work out on their own, but we keep an eye on them as well.

Step 4: Ongoing Training

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Both Trainers and Physical Therapists are available to provide specialized training tips and changes to your routine on a seasonal basis, depending on the sport where you wish to excel or just enjoy the benefits of play.


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